Internet Policy

Internet policy 10/25/10

SportsArt America, Inc. manufactures indoor exercise machines to exacting standards for serious fitness enthusiasts. Our products are sold directly through SportsArt America, Inc. and through an extensive specialty dealer network throughout the United States and Canada. We sell our products through fitness specialists for the simple reason that serious equipment should be properly demonstrated and thoroughly explained. Because we also recommend professional installation and set up, we authorize only well qualified dealers and service techs who offer this expertise. In the event a SportsArt product needs service, only authorized dealers and/or authorized service providers can service products in order to maintain your warranty. SportsArt America, Inc. also recommends that our products be installed by an authorized SportsArt America dealer.

It is therefore our policy not to allow dealer sales of SportsArt products through the Internet. While we recognize the value of the Internet to help educate the consumer and to act as a marketing tool for our dealers, we are also aware of unauthorized entities on the Net that claim to be SportsArt dealers in good standing, but in fact are not. Dealer Internet sales of SportsArt products are unauthorized and potential customers should know that they might not be purchasing a genuine SportsArt product, and that it may not be in new condition or of current vintage.

Please note: We cannot verify the origin or condition of products unless they are sold throughout our approved authorized dealer network or purchased directly from SportsArt America Inc., so buyer beware! We will not warranty any products purchased through unauthorized dealers or unauthorized purchases through the Internet.

If you do not live in an area served by one of our authorized dealers, please visit our online eStore or call us directly to discuss your options for securing our fitness equipment. Or, if you suspect a dealer or dealers may be misrepresenting themselves as an authorized SportsArt distributor, please call us at 800.709.1400 for verification.